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Together safely on winter vacation - news and updates on the Covid measures 2021.

ATTENTION: changed course times 09:30 - 11:30 am and 1:30 - 3:30 pm!

Estimated season start february 2021!

Children's ski school grouping

Children attending our ski school for the first time are initially categorised into groups based on a verbal discussion with the responsible section manager.

Those who have attended our ski school in the past are categorised into the primary groups of green, blue, red and black, based on our categorisation pass for children. The individual groups are then allocated to a specific ski instructor following a short process. This avoids lengthy waits during the categorisation process.

  • Children beginners:

  • meeting at the Children's World at 09:20 am (green Siggi flag)
  • Children advanced skiers:

  • Meeting at the gathering point at 09:20 am (at the respective Siggi flags blue, red, black)

Group Black:

  • Very advanced
  • already completed 6 or more courses

Group Red:

  • Advanced
  • completed 3 - 6 courses

Group Blue:

  • Intermediate
  • completed 1 - 3 courses

Group Green:

  • Beginner
  • 0 - 1 course

Siggi´s children pass - grouping:

Group Green

  • Children beginners
  • getting used to snow
  • flitting along
  • snow brake

Group 3 (Blue)

  • Making steep turns
  • railway trips
  • the first carveboard experience
  • going by ski lift

Group 2 (Red)

  • Parallel long carving
  • children's skiing capacity
  • using ski poles
  • parallels
  • short carving
  • skiing on steeper slopes

Group 1 (Black)

  • Carving
  • off-piste skiing
  • mogul skiing
  • deep snow
  • free style
  • jumps
  • fun park
  • race carving
  • alternative snow sports
Siggi's children pass includes information about the skiing capacity of a child. In subsequent courses, your child can be assigned easier to an appropriate group.

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