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Together safely on winter vacation - news and updates on the Covid measures 2021.

ATTENTION: changed course times 09:30 - 11:30 am and 1:30 - 3:30 pm!

Estimated season start february 2021!



No matter if you are beginner or advanced - snowboarders are in good hands as well!

Beginners: in three days from 0 to 100


Advanced: freeriding and freestyle courses / safety in Alpine terrain

Snowboard courses for those looking for a thrilling experience off the slope.s

Course start

Group classification of beginners only on Sunday at least 4 persons.

Advanced can join daily, except Saturday, groups of 4 or more.

In the interim season, max. 4 daily courses possible. Start is on Sunday.

Mid-season: 05.-23.12.20120 09.-22.01.2021, 10.-18.04.2020

Group classification:

Group Green

  • beginners
  • sliding and straight running exercises
  • slipping

Group Blue

  • drift turn
  • tilt turn
  • switch riding
  • introduction to slopestyle

Group Red

  • carve turns
  • leg game
  • short turns
  • introduction to freeriding

Group Black

  • carved and short turns, high level
  • free riding
  • freestyle

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