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Together safely on winter vacation - news and updates on the Covid measures 2021.

ATTENTION: changed course times 09:30 - 11:30 am and 1:30 - 3:30 pm!

Estimated season start february 2021!

Children's ski school

The "Zwergerlwelt" - Siggi's Babyland

Our own practice area for children with three tow lifts, a magic carpet, snow v and carousel as well as Siggi’s children’s play room with indoor tubing track is ideally situated close to the valley station area, bus stop and car park.
The cable cars do not need to be used to access the children’s area. Siggi’s children’s play room in sector 1 of the mini world (Zwergerlwelt) is a restricted area for child beginner skiers. Beginner snowboarders and adult beginners are not based here! Parents and acquaintances can follow the events from outside the area.

Children aged 3 and over are given a chance to have fun in the snow as they take their first steps on skis. Our trained children’s ski instructors have devised a colourful pre-school programme for these future skiing heroes. The focus of the activities with and without skis is on exercising in the fresh air and having fun in the group. So those first successes are all child’s play and stress-free.

We apply learning methods certified by the ‘Tiroler Skilehrerverband’ ski association and focus on the following goals to improve skiing ability:

  • We recommend that children start to ski from the age of 3, if they want to. We give children their first taste of skis and snow, improve their training and practise turning the feet. We specifically work on the snow plough turn and gain excellent basic knowledge for the next winter.

  • In the case of 4 year olds, we need three or four days to teach the snow plough turn and how to turn. The focus is on enjoying skiing. We first practise their turns on gently inclined connecting trails and practice pistes and generally are able to tackle the gentle blue pistes by the end of the week.

  • By the age of 5-6, children have developed the optimal coordination and fitness learning abilities and so almost all children in this age group are able to learn to ski successfully. Most have mastered the snow plough turn after 1 to 2 days and at the end of the week, can tackle descents with safe turns and a controlled tempo.

Dear parents!

  • Firstly, rent ski equipment in the sports shop in advance, the first time beginners don't need any ski poles.
  • For rental equipment, please note the rental number to avoid confusion.
  • Please inform us of any possible allergies and ailments of your children.
  • Please understand that children of 3-4 years of age need more breaks.


  • Sun- or safety glasses
  • Sun cream
  • Helmet and gloves (safety is our priority)
  • Appropriate clothing (multilayer)
  • Dry your ski boots and gloves in the evening
  • Please get ski pass before start of course! Free ski pass for children under 8 years (only on presentation of an ID)!
  • Advanced - please bring the Siggi's children pass to the classification.
  • Please give your phone number to your skiing instructor in case of any questions.
  • If you rented the equipment, please note the rental number to avoid confusion.

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