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Ski school Galtür

Where do the ski courses take place?
Are there also ski courses before the opening of the season?
Can private courses take place somewhere else?
Are the ski courses to be booked in advance?
Can I start with the ski course every day?
Does my child need a helmet?
What should I do if my child does not want to ski anymore?
Can children come to the ski course a little bit later?
When is the children's ski race?
Can I join the ski race on Friday even if I am not in/ have never joined a ski course?
Can we expect small groups at seasonal peaks such as Christmas / New Year and Easter?
I am not staying in Galtür. How can I get to the ski school for the ski course?
At which age can children join the ski school?
Can I be present during the children's ski course?
Do classes take place on Saturdays as well?
Are lift tickets included in the ski school prices?
Where can I buy my ski pass?
Are there any reductions for longer bookings?
Are private course bookings binding?
Is there also a supervision for the whole day?
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Latest News
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Weekly programme
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Playground snow
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Children's Ski School
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