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Together safely on winter vacation - news and updates on the Covid measures 2021.

ATTENTION: changed course times 09:30 - 11:30 am and 1:30 - 3:30 pm!

Estimated season start february 2021!

Ski tours

We offer you popular ski tours in the Silvretta Alps and the Verwall Group, where you will be accompanied by our certified mountain and skiing guides. (Necessary equipment and hut reservation can be organized by us)

Ski touring instructions:

Learn the right ascent technique and choose the right track. Snow conditions, avalanche awareness and using avalanche transceivers and safety equipment (probe, shovel and ABS rucksack).

Day tour offers for beginners:

Breitspitze 2.203 m (walking time for ascent 1-1,5 h)
Price: on request

More easy tours for beginners:

Vergiel, Heilbronner Hütte (walking time for ascent approx. 1,5 - 3 h)

Day tours:

Walking time for ascent approx. 3 - 5 h:

  • Fluhspitze 2653 m
  • Hennenkopf 2704 m
  • Jamspitze 3156 m
  • Rauher Kopf 3101 m
  • Hohe Köpfe 2608 m
  • Gorfenspitze 2558 m
Price: on request

Two-day tour:

with an overnight stay at the Heidelberger hut via Kronenjoch:

  • Heidelberger hut
  • Breite Krone 3079 m
  • Kronenjoch
  • Jamtalhütte
  • Jamtal - Galtür

Price: on request

with an overnight stay at the Heidelberger hut via Lareinfernerjoch.

Tour possibilities from the Heidelberger hut

  • Piz Calcuogns 2.724 m
  • Piz Mottana 2928 m 
  • Piz Davo Lais 3027 m 
  • Piz Tasna 3179 m
  • Heidelberger Spitze 2.063 m
    Return via Lareinfernerjoch - Lareintal - Galtür.
Price: on request

Multi-day trips in the Silvretta Alps and the Verwall Group

We are happy to organize a multi-day trip in the Silvretta Alps and the Verwall Group as well as the popular Silvretta crossing. For further information please contact us at or
Price: on request

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